Want to contribute to the Longhorn Ballroom Oral History Project?

Anyone with personal memories of the Longhorn- whether musician, patron, employee or long-time Dallasite-- is invited to participate.

More about the project below.

Before you begin

  • Sit in a quiet place with no ambient noise, i.e. no refrigerator humming, squeaky chair, people walking in, etc.
  • Not sure what to say? Check out suggested prompts below for ideas. You’re the boss here. Just be yourself! Add your own twist and personality to your comments. 

Get Ready

  • Fill out the form in Step 3 below and accept the terms of the Interview Agreement.
  • Notice the opening statement in blue text (also in Step 3). Read this paragraph as an introduction to your recording.
  • You may talk as long as you want. If you want to go longer than 20 minutes we recommend you submit this recording and start another.
  • Don’t forget to press submit after you finish recording.


    Important! When recording, start with this introduction:

    "This is (your full name) and it is (full date). I’m providing my first (or second, etc.) interview for the Longhorn Ballroom Project. It is being recorded in (location, i.e. my home) in (City, State)."

    [qcwpvoicemessage form_id:17373]


    1. What year did you visit the Longhorn? How old were you? Why were you there?

    2. What performers did you see? Who was your favorite?

    3. What do you remember most about their performance?

    4. What was the craziest thing that happened when you visited the Longhorn?

    5. What do you remember about the building? Describe its sights, sounds and smells.

    6. Did you interact with any of the owners, i.e. Dewey Groom or Bob Wills who was the owner of the club when it was known as Bob Will’s Ranch House? What were they like?

    7. If you were a musician, what instrument did you play- and with what band? Tell us some stories!

    8. Be free-wheeling and just ramble about your memories, if you want.

    What else?

    1. The recording will become part of an oral history of the Longhorn Ballroom. It will be archived and used for educational and research purposes.
    2. Some of the recordings may be posted on louisekee.com,  other websites, in exhibits, podcasts or similar media. If you want more information about this email me.